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Traditionally, North American Indians burned sage with a seashell, which represented water. They introduced the burning coal representing the fire, and by burning the sage in the shell, they obtained a white smoke with a unique aroma that represented the wind. Man was the earth and the union of all the ingredients formed the fifth element , the spirit .
WHITE SAGE has the power to eliminate these vibrations, purifying our energy fields and bringing enough clarity and strength to continue steadfast in our walk. Its most common use is when you feel that the energy in your space is not flowing. Whether in your home or business, you can use sage in a ritual to purify energy and allow peace and abundance to flow around you.
WHITE QUARTZ also helps us purify energies. It is capable of eliminating old vestiges of negative or dense energies that influence the day to day. This crystal is the most suitable to dedicate ourselves to cleansing meditations and helps us feel lighter. You can always carry it with you, put it under your pillow or have it in a place where it is always close to you.
You can put together a mini altar in your house along with all your quartz.
The kit includes:
-White sage exported from Peru
-White quartz
-shell base
-African shell
- Instructions to perform cleansing ritual
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