Who is GLOW Superfoods?

GLOW Superfoods is an organic premium brand based in Mexico. We strive to create a holistic approach to health, where our organic products not only provide essential nutrients but also encourage mindfulness and self-care practices. We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their best selves through a balanced and nourished lifestyle.

What is a superfood?

Have you come across the term "Superfood" but wonder what it truly means? At GLOW, we define it as a nutrient-dense, plant-based food, offering more beneficial elements like vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, and less harmful ingredients, such as refined ones. We prioritize organic, non-GMO, and minimally processed options to maintain their super qualities and nutrient integrity.

Are all of your products organic?

Absolutely, guys! You'll love this! Our entire GLOW Organics lineup is 100% USDA organic-certified as well as Certimex, Kosher, Mexico and EU certification. That means our superfoods are packed with all the good stuff – maximum beneficial nutrients! Plus, it's a win-win for our planet! We work closely with trusted suppliers and farmers who use traditional methods and absolutely NO harmful chemicals or GMOs. Let's make a difference together!

Are all of your products vegan?

Listen up! Our entire superfood range is 100% vegan-friendly! That means all our nutrient-packed goodies are plant-based, organic, and minimally processed. Just check out any product page on our website, and you'll see all the awesome certifications and promises, like vegan and gluten-free. Stay supercharged with GLOW Superfoods! 🌱💪

Are your products raw?

At GLOW Superfoods, we totally get that minimal processing is crucial to keep our foods SUPER and packed with nutrients!

We're hands-on with our suppliers to ensure all our premium goodies are minimally processed. From freeze-drying to gentle milling, we use methods like cold-pressing and low-temperature extracting.

With GLOW Superfoods, you're all set for a supercharged, organic adventure! 🌟🌿

Where can I buy your products?

No worries, we got you covered! Score your favs in multiple ways: straight from our website or at The Showroom in Guadalajara. Convenience at your fingertips! 🛍️🌟

What payment methods do you accept?

We've got you covered on payment options! Pay your way with major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. It's all about convenience and choices! 💳🛍️

Are your products safe for children?

Awesome news! Our superfoods are totally safe for all ages and health conditions – no worries there! But, if you have any specific questions or health concerns, it's always best to consult your health professional. We're all about our superfoods, but when it comes to medical stuff, we leave it to the experts. Stay safe, stay super! 🌿💪


What are your shipping policies?

We offer free shipping on orders $1000+ MXN ($50+ USD).

How long does shipping take?

We've got you covered with standard shipping options! Typically, it takes around 3-4 biz days for deliveries within Mexico, while Canada and USA may take about 7-10 biz days. Though we can't control mail carriers, delays are beyond our control. Keep the excitement up, and your super goodies will be on their way! 📦🚀

Do you ship internationally?

You're on point with that question! Currently, we've got Mexico, USA, and Canada covered for shipping. We're all about global, so keep an eye out – more countries may be on our shipping radar in the future! Stay tuned for super updates! 🚀🌎

Do you ship to USA?

Absolutely! You bet we do! All orders from the US ship straight from our warehouse in Guadalajara, Mexico. Super seamless, super efficient! 📦🚀


How does my subscription work?

Easy peasy! Here's the deal: First, choose the awesome products you want to get your hands on. Then, decide how often you want them to show up at your doorstep. You've got two cool options – get 'em every 30 or 60 days. Convenience on point! 📦🎉

If I sign up for a subscription, will it renew automatically?

Absolutely! So, here's the deal: Your subscription will renew like clockwork – every 30 or 60 days, based on your initial choice. If you're up for changes, no worries! Just head to our website, log into your account, and hit 'My Subscriptions.' From there, you can modify, change the date, skip, or even cancel your subscription. Easy peasy! 🔄💻

How do I access my subscription page?

Alright, here's the scoop! To get in on the action, log in – find 'Log In' in the mobile menu or top right on your comp screen. If you're new, sign up with the email you used for your subscription. Once in, hit 'My Subscriptions.' For multiple subs, choose one and tap 'Manage Subscriptions.' Need a hand? Our awesome CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM got you covered! 🙌💬

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Gotcha! Here's how to level up your subscription game: Head to our website, log in, and hit 'My Subscriptions.' Choose the subscription you wanna tweak and click 'Manage Subscription.' Now, you're in control! Want more goodies? Add 'em with "Add One-Time" – easy peasy! Keep in mind, though, you can't remove the fixed items in your subscription. Let's level up together! 🚀🛍️


Do you wholesale GLOW?

Absolutely! For all Superfoods we can offer wholesale. Wanna join the squad? Let's make it happen! 🤝🌟 Let's chat.

Still Have Questions?

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