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PALO SANTO wood was traditionally used as incense in ceremonies and rituals, in fact its use was very common because it incited good luck. Who used it, opened to receive its benefits, filling their "here and now" with magic and creativity. In fact, one of the most prominent uses of palo santo is as a protective talisman or amulet, since it cleanses us of dense energies that we absorb without realizing it. This happens when we live with very negative people, sometimes it manifests as excessive fatigue or physical pain. Palo santo is such a pleasant smell that it will help you come back to yourself.

Turn it on only when you feel it necessary, when you need to trigger your creativity or just before a meditation. It is recommended to light with matches since the lighter contains butane, we want the experience to be as natural and clean as possible.
WHITE QUARTZ also helps us purify energies. It is capable of eliminating old vestiges of negative or dense energies that influence the day to day. This crystal is the most suitable to dedicate ourselves to cleansing meditations and helps us feel lighter. You can always carry it with you, put it under your pillow or have it in a place where it is always close to you.
You can put together a mini altar in your house along with all your quartz.

The kit includes:

- 1 Palo Santo exported from Peru.

-White quartz

-shell base

-African lucky shell


Usage suggestion:
Use it in its natural form, as an object of auric protection or as a decorative element, place the wood in strategic places to aromatize any space.

Burn it as incense for spiritual cleansing, light one end of the stick, with the help of a candle or lighter, hold the flame for a few moments and turn it off, let the white smoke expand over the environment you need to purify.

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